How does eQL

How the Training Process Works

Making Things Easy to Understand

For many individuals, the Assistive Technology training process can be a bit confussing.

To help make things easier to understand, we've put together a short video to explain how the training process works when you receive training from e-Quality Learning.

Watch a Training session

What to Expect from your Training

Experience a Session for Yourself

If you've never had a training session before, you're probably wondering what to expect.

To help you understand and give you an insight, we've put together this short extract from a training session that was completed remotley.

High Quality Trainers

High Quality Trainers

Qualified and Accredited Assistive Technology Experts

  • Manufacturer Accredited

  • Minimum PTLLS Qualified

  • Disability Aware

  • Continuously Developed

Learn more about our trainers.

Tailored Training

Tailored Training Sessions

Focused on the Learner's Individual Needs

Knowledge of multiple intelligences and cognitive principles allow trainers to:

  • Discover the Learner's Needs

  • Focus on the Benefits to the Learner

  • Deliver the Information Appropriately

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Flexible Delivery

Flexible Delivery of Sessions

Learn Whenever and However you Want

  • Evening and Weekend Sessions

  • One-to-One Onsite 

  • One-to-One Remote

  • Male and Female Trainers

Learn more about our flexible delivery.

Managing Sessions

Manage your Training Allocation

Online Account and Session Reminder System

  • Email and Text Reminders

  • View Sessions and Add to Calendar

  • Suggest Booking Times

  • Manage Booked Sessions

Learn more about managing your training.


Additional Video Support

Learner Toolbox and In-Session Recordings

  • Learner's Video Toolbox

  • In-Session Recordings

  • Capture Specific Tasks

  • Access Anywhere

Learn more about your Learner Toolbox.


Feedback Capture System

Shared with Universities and Assessment Centres

  • Giving Learners a Voice

  • Feedback Given in Private

  • Shared with Assessors

  • Excellent Testimonials

Discover what our learners say about us.