Tailored Learning Strategies

Everyone learns in a different way, it’s unlocking that knowledge that makes the biggest difference to your learners’ lives.

Encouraging the learner

A weaknesses within a specific area never implies low intelligence. In fact, if Einstein was an apprentice today and completed our assessment, he would actually be identified as a learner with additional needs and would benefit from our strategies.

Our communications with the learner reflects this deeper understanding and empathy, and where there’s an opportunity to support a learner with neurodiversity, the language in our presentation materials always conveys a positive tone of voice.

Recognised strategies and interventions

Our learning libraries have been designed by specialists in educational psychology and neurodiversity. The strategies introduced throughout our resources are applied in education and the workplace every day.

Neuropsychologists and educational psychologists have aligned their strategies and prioritised them against each of the eight domains profiled. The result means the learner is set-up with a pre-populated learning resource that matches their specific needs.

Tailored Learning Strategies

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