Promoting Better Understanding

To become great at something, you must understand it.

Neurodiversity in teaching and learning

Your workforce will be given training to introduce them to the science behind neurodiversity. They’ll discover how it impacts an individual’s ability to learn, and how to communicate with that person to maximise their learning and comprehension.

We’ll teach them about the eight Domains that create the assessment profiles, and how a weakness in one of the domains will impact a person’s learning and thinking.

They’ll discover teaching methodologies optimised for weaknesses within each of the Domains, and how to put these to use when supporting learners.

We also provide access to the full Learner Resource Library for every Domain, so they can gain a full understanding of the strategies their learners are being taught.

Ask an expert

As you can imagine, some situations are more complex than others. When this is the case, it’s important to have someone to turn to. That’s why an expert in psychology and coping strategies will always be on hand to discuss the situation and provide recommendations on the best course of action.

Supporting the Training Assessor (TA) with their workload

Each TA is provided with an online account that shows:

  • Details of those identified as having an additional learning need
  • Real-time data on the engagement levels of each of their learners – allowing the TA to monitor their interest through the month and address anyone with low engagement
  • Information on the stages of each of their learners throughout the identification process – ensuring they can easily manage additional learning needs within their existing workloads

Monthly reports are available for each learner, and these:

  • Inform the TA about the strategies the apprentice learnt within the given month, and offer guidance on how the TA can include these into the session with the learner

By including these adaptions into the sessions, and recording them, it helps support the evidence required to draw down Learner Support Funding.

Promote Better Understanding

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