Evidence Reporting and Management Information

It didn’t happen if you can’t evidence it happened.

Evidence your learner support

All reports are available to download into the learner’s e-portfolio software.

Following the assessment a sophisticated and detailed report is generated within minutes of the assessment taking place.

By training your TAs in neurodiversity they’re better prepared and equipped to upload and reference LSF appropriate adaptions to notes following sessions.

This is then further enhanced by guidance from monthly reports which fully demonstrate the activity each learner has been learning, including outcomes and suggests personalised adaptions during the sessions, based on the strategies the learner covered in between the session.

Designed to support you during a funding audit, all the reports can be uploaded to your e-portfolio system meaning that they’re available instantly should they be required for a funding audit – or via your systems if your TAs have forgot to uploaded them.

Manage and motivate your team

Learner engagement is key to the success of any programme and that’s why we’ve developed reports to allow you to pro-actively manage such a crucial aspect of your business.

Training Assessor league tables will help demonstrate learner engagement per individual TA, making it easier to manage a wide spread workforce and quickly react to potential issues. Dashboards are interactive which provides the opportunity to drill into the detail of the reports and help you to maximise revenue opportunity.

These reports can also support the collation of Equality and Diversity Impact Measures (EDIMs) data and allow for informed business decisions around things such as resource and delivery models where hotspots are identified. It’ll also demonstrate your commitment as a business to seek solutions for disadvantaged groups.

Every TA will have their own real-time Dashboards so they can compare their engagements with that of their colleagues, which should help create a team that’s motivated to continuously improve and work in a more effective and efficient manner. Finally TA’s are supported with real time apprentice engagement reports to monitor progress and ensure that a pro-active approach is taken to ensure learners are always encouraged to progress within their learning.

Identifying the Need

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