Provider Benefits

Our end-to-end solutions start with the individual

Whatever an individual’s learning needs, CognAssist is proven to deliver a positive outcome. You, your colleagues and the learner will be given access to a range of sophisticated solutions, designed to help improve:

  • Your service
  • Your learner outcomes
  • Your profitability

CognAssist also helps your organisation:

  • We’ll help improve your Ofsted Grade
  • Enhance retention and achievement rates by discovering and addressing hidden learning difficulties within your learners
  • Remain secure – we take your security very seriously, and all personal data is encrypted and protected to our ISO:27001 Data Security standards

We also support funding draw down for Additional Learner Needs (LSF1), so helping your learners is even more accessible.

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Provider Benefits

Step 1: Identifying the Need

The first thing we do is determine the needs of the individual. This speedy process allows us to filter your learners and discover who needs support and who doesn’t.

Questionnaire & Assessment

In just five minutes we’ll identify the likelihood of whether the individual requires support for additional learning needs or not. If the likelihood is above average, they’ll take our assessment.

The assessment takes 30 minutes and investigates eight cognitive processes (called Domains). These are all based around thinking and learning.

The Domains:

  1. Verbal Memory
  2. Non-Verbal Memory
  3. Literacy
  4. Numeracy
  5. Visual Information Processing Speed
  6. Executive Function
  7. Verbal Reasoning
  8. Non-Verbal Reasoning

Once complete the software crunches the data and identifies if the individual has an additional learning need within any of the Domains. A PDF report like this sample is automatically produced to show our findings.

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Identifying the Need

Step 2: Tailored Learning Strategies

Now that we’ve identified the Domain(s) that the individual has difficulty in, we can populate an online learning library for them.

The learning library includes:

  • Coping strategies and interventions that compensate for their difficulties
  • A selection of great free tools that we’ll introduce to the learner during the intervention

The beauty of this approach is that is allows the learner to work independently between our visits, which in turn means they progress much faster.

Put simply, we identify, manage and address root causes of educational difficulties.

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Tailored Learning Strategies

Step 3: Promoting better understanding

Empathy and understanding are vital in a workplace where people have learning difficulties, and our online resources are available to all staff.

By educating your team about each Domain, they can adapt their sessions to support the diverse learning styles of your learners; upskilling and empowering your workforce in supporting learners with additional needs.

It also allows your team to recognise the reasons why someone might display difficulties in their learning, and most crucially, correctly adapt and respond to those specific needs.

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Promote Better Understanding

Step 4: Evidence Reporting and Management Information

You can download reports that evidence:

  • The assessment of need
  • Interventions the learner has covered
  • Proof of the difference these interventions have made
  • The learners own perception of how far they’ve come

You can also export the reports into your learner portfolio software, such as Maytas and Smart Assessor. What’s more, it’s really easy to manage a widely spread workforce and proactively drive learner engagement by including our reporting systems into your management processes.

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Evidence Reporting and Management

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